Portfolio Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers,

UWP1 has changed me as a writer in so many ways. Before taking this class, I used to turn in my one-draft paper and call it well-done. Since most of the writings I did in the past were very similar, I used the same patterns, including opening and conclusion paragraph and two body paragraphs with personal experience followed with some analysis. However, this quarter I learned that those patterns are no longer sufficient because I was required to write about genres that I was not familiar with. Thus, during the writing process, I learned to edit a lot and present several drafts. Editing has turned out to be the most meaningful process, which has helped me to produce better thesis statements and language skills.


I remember that at the beginning of this quarter, Professor Snively asked us to write about what we want to improve in UWP1. I have never lacked ideas to write about, but a problem that I had was organizing my ideas into one concrete thesis statement. To me, an intuitive writer should have the power of composing strong and clear thesis statements. So I just wrote that I would like to become a more intuitive and natural writer. Now looking back, I’m very glad that I chose that aspect to focus my improvements on. Being intuitive and natural not only means that one is a quick writer, but also more experienced and effective in concluding his/her ideas. I think my two writings are both good reflections of how I have improved.


I picked assignment 2 to include in my portfolio for two reasons. First of all, I think this topic relates to me so I had a lot of opinions to share in writing. I spent a lot of time writing this paper and received nice feedback. Second, I was pleased that my analysis ability has come to a higher level in this assignment. For instance, I wrote: “The human brain is like a sponge. We soak up everything we observe and experience throughout our lives.” I began to use metaphor in my analysis, which made my opinions more persuasive and intellectual. As I mentioned in this problem letter, reading is very important to good writings. Composing this letter, in fact, makes me more determined to become an enthusiastic reader. I can tell that writing makes my feelings and fragmentary thoughts into logical reasoning and this is something that I never expected before taking UWP1. Looking back to this letter, I also think it is well-organized with a clear thesis statement.


I went through a tough time for my research paper. At the beginning of writing this paper, I had no idea how it would turn out. Therefore, I completed many revisions, even changing the whole thesis to make my ideas clearer and more argumentative. I also struggled with this paper to find where my argument is. In the feedback, Professor Snively suggested that I should state my thesis at the beginning of each paragraph and make sure readers know what to expect. When editing, I put a lot of effort to make sure my thesis statement is clear and emphatic, and that the final draft maximizes the logic of what I composed in the first draft. Through this process, I learned to edit to be organized, to contain my topic sentence with the claim of the paragraph, and some tricks to write thesis statements by enhancing the connection of my ideas through changing the sentence structure. In general, because I learned so much about how to write good thesis statements, this research paper turned out to be thoughtful and comprehensive.


I have always enjoyed writing. Making improvements in something that I’m interested in is definitely a precious experience to me. Even if I still don’t have a clear thesis in my mind at the beginning of my writings, I know how to find one through editing. I hope that I will continue to keep editing as an important process in my writing, so that this precious experience will go a long way.



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